Red Mole-n-Margaritas

I have a tradition with my friends, John and Lesa Ellis.  I cook them their favorite foods for their birthdays and in exchange for John’s handy skills around my house.  A home repair can be had for a good beer and a good lunch, with both parties happy in the end.

John’s 50th birthday happened while they were away. When vacation came around, it was time for a good birthday dinner.  Mole is a frequent dish for these meals, anywhere from the jar stuff by Dona* Maria (benefit = all of my juice glasses are mole jars), to a semi-homemade version to the adventure of doing mole from scratch for this momentous birthday.  So, I googled “authentic mole recipe” and found:

Authentic Mole (a red mole) at  Adjustments:  Based on chiles I could find, I used New Mexico, Guajillo, and Ancho/Pasilla chiles.  Currants instead of raisins.  Canned tomatoes instead of fresh, and no tortilla, just wheat bread.  Lesa has blood sugar issues, so I put some w/just a bit of agave nectar separate from the main pot, where I did about half the sugar – half agave nectar and half sugar. Oh, and I learned to only use a blender.  What a mess when I tried pureeing it in the food processor!

The kitchen smelled AMAZING.  I had a jar of Dona Maria mole verde on hand in case it was a complete disaster in taste.  No need. The mole I made was really good. I will be cliche to refer to the saying “yumm” about your own cooking from Julie & Julia – I said “yumm” many times. I served the mole on chicken thighs w/rice sauteed with onions, chile powder & cumin and small Black Bean Burgers (see other post)

We had all forgotten what the margarita proportions were so we figured it out again.  Part of John’s birthday present was that he would not need to squeeze limes one by one.  Thanks to America’s Test Kitchen’s recommendation, I got this juicer.  I agree with that recommendation.  It made easy work of all of the limes needed for the 6 margaritas.

1 part Tequila
1 part Lime Juice
3/4 part Orange Liquer – either Triple Sec or Orange Brandy

Shake it up with ice.  Salt those glass rims and go!  We used Trader Joe’s Distinqt Reposado 100% Agave Tequila I acquired on my last pilgrimage to the Trader Joe’s in Las Vegas.  This stuff needs a warning:  stealthily strong.  Great taste.  Caused “ginsomnia” and hangovers, but well worth it.  It was a fun night!

* – I’ll figure out how to do accents on here eventually.  There is an enyay in that word…

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