Sour Fruit & Sweet Fish Sauce: The Curious Flavor of Nam Pla Wan

I had a lovely morning at the Asian grocery the other day.  I was buying a green mango and the guy at the counter asked if I had eaten one before.  I said I hadn’t and was buying it out of curiosity.  He said that when it’s hard, it’s really sour.  Then he asked if I like spicy stuff and I said “YES!”  So, he went to an aisle and got me a jar of some Thai dipping sauce. Here’s a fuzzy photo of the jar.

I tried it with a granny smith apple.  It was different, and a bit disconcerting, to taste something salty and somewhat fishy with my apple.  So, I gave myself permission to just eat the rest of the apple, but I found myself continuing to dip it into this interesting sweet/salty/sour/spicy stuff.  I look forward to trying it with the green mango when I have the patience to cut it up!

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